DOSSIER “Informational Perspectives and Challenges in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic”


Liinc em Revista invites the submission of articles for the dossier “Informational Perspectives and Challenges in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic”, organized by Sarita Albagli (IBICT), Vanessa de Arruda Jorge (Fiocruz) and Allan Rocha de Souza (UFRRJ - ITR/UFRJ – PPED), according to the description below.

The dossier will be published in number 2, volume 16, of 2020.

In addition to articles, the dossier will also include a section with reports of innovative experiences on the proposed themes.



The emergency and crisis situation in the face of the risks and repercussions of various orders associated with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has motivated actions and raised issues regarding the production, analysis, sharing, opening and dissemination of different types of information: scientific, sanitary, community, and civic information, among others. Its implications are felt at various levels and dimensions, such as: social, political, cultural, ethical, technological, legal, economic, and scientific.

The dossier will address different aspects, innovations and challenges posed to information in facing the pandemic, its forms of organization, recovery, representation and access, including, but not limited to:

- its possibilities as a tool for strengthening networks of solidarity and collaboration;

- its role as a way of registering and circulating points of view and public debate;

- its risks in the face of movements of disinformation and manipulation of opinion;

- its uses as a device for controlling, monitoring and strengthening authoritarian government models and practices;

- its relevance and potential to promote the adoption of open and citizen science practices, such as fast track in scientific publications and its open access, encouraging the sharing and opening of data and citizen participation in research;

-  the right of access to data, information, knowledge and scientific and technological production under the rules of copyright and industrial property rights and exclusivity of information and data, in the context of the pandemic;

- its current and potential uses as a basis for health, political, social, legal and economic decisions;

- its challenges in face of unequal social, geopolitical and geoeconomic conditions and positions.



  • Original articles are accepted in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The orthographic review and references according to ISO 690 standards are under the responsibility of the authors. Articles by non-native speaker authors in the chosen language must be proofread by a professional translator.


  • For the articles, the first author should preferably have a PhD degree and cannot have less than a Master degree.


  • For the reports of innovative experiences, there is no need for a minimum academic degree.


  • Submissions outside the scope of the dossier and outside the rules of Liinc em Revista will not be accepted.




• Submission deadline: UP TO AUGUST 15, 2020 (NO DEADLINE EXTENSION), at

Liinc em Revista has adopted a CONTINUOUS PUBLISHING MODEL, publishing the texts, as far as they are approved and ready for publication.