Call for papers for volume 18, number 1 (May 2022) - Deadline extended


Dossier Title: Challenges of Social Sciences in the Anthropocene


  • Philippe Léna (Researcher Emeritus of the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement -IRD) and
  • Liz-Rejane Issberner (Researcher at the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology-IBICT and Professor at PPGCI-IBICT / UFRJ)

The Anthropocene is the time when human actions are capable of destabilizing the Earth system, causing global warming, rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity, among other catastrophes. The notion of the Anthropocene unquestionably opens up the entry of social and human sciences into the territory of natural sciences. These now describe a component of the 'world-ecology' (Moore), an irreducibly hybrid object of which societies are a part. The notion of the Anthropocene questions the Western philosophical legacy and the founding myths of modernity that have led us to this situation of imminent global danger. The categories used to think about the relationship between society and nature, and the very separation between the two, seem to be part of the problem. This is why there is an ongoing re-evaluation of alternative ways of thinking and acting that have been disregarded, rediscovering, underneath abstract universalism, the great diversity of ways of knowing, being and standing in the world.

The profound transformations (economic, social, political, technological etc.) required by the Anthropocene generate an acceleration and diversification of knowledge production and an intensification of information flows. Its circulation, appropriation, and forms of use determine the ongoing processes of social transformation.

Thus, taking as reference this double thematic anchorage, the Anthropocene and the informational dynamics, the Liinc em Revista opens a call for papers endowed with an interdisciplinary vision on the following topics:

  • Scientific negationism, climate negationism, production of ignorance, disinformation
  • Scientific paradigm and culture
  • Social and environmental justice
  • Democracy and ecological movements, civilizational alternatives
  • Diversity, Indigenous Peoples, ethnocide
  • Decolonial insurgencies
  • Ecofeminism
  • Latin America and the geopolitics of knowledge-power
  • Amazonian Horizons
  • Environmental Policies
  • Eco-innovations
  • Eco-political consumption

Submission deadline: 15/03/2022 (Extended).

Author guidelines and more information: