Serials diplomacy at the ISSN International Centre: a unique and sustainable experience (1975-2015)


  • Gaëlle Béquet ISSN International Centre (CIEPS)



International Standard Serial Number, ISSN, Unesco, Diplomacy


In 1975, the creation of the Centre d’enregistrement des publications en série (CIEPS) / International Centre for the Registration of Serial Publications was supported by Unesco and France. This intergovernmental organisation is responsible for identifying serial publications through the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). Since 1975, this unique international entity has relied on a large network of ISSN national centres established in national libraries and scientific institutions worldwide. The network participation has evolved in parallel with the political evolution of Europe in the 1990s and still attracts new members which enlarge its scope and enhance its effectiveness. The Paris-based ISSN International Centre is at the nexus of this worldwide bibliographic cooperation since it produces and maintains the ISSN Register which records authoritative metadata about print and digital serial publications. The directors of the ISSN International Centre have played a significant role in the rich history of the ISSN network which has been engaged in various projects related to long-term digital preservation and Open Access publications.


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Biografia do Autor

  • Gaëlle Béquet, ISSN International Centre (CIEPS)

    Director of the ISSN International Centre (CIEPS)






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